We Do Great Design For Creative Folks.

Founded in 2015, Cube Architects is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior, and landscaping firm headed by joint principle architects Rohit Manzur and Priyanka Nayak.

With a wide array of architectural services we expertise in individual residence, commercial building, religious monumental structure, residential, and commercial interior design profiles.

Envisioning the optimum output, our design approach revolves around the varied needs of our clients, while ensuring a strong connection of the architecture with the natural elements around. The design, irrespective of the scale and the type of architecture, is carved out with an understanding of the nature of the building, and its probable impacts on the users.

Running strong since the inception, our main driving force is generated from our ideology to constantly explore ,evolve and experiment.

Backing our motto is the dedication to approach each design uniquely in every project, whilst keeping a track on the necessary parameters involved in the versatile range of projects.

We also know that you´ll love Cube Architects as much as we do.

Individual Residences

Your home is your age old dream, and we make sure every corner of it is just as you wish it to be.

Commercial Buildings

A pixel perfect representation of every square foot, for the perfect visual projections of the biggest tenders in town.

Monumental Structures

For the ultimate crossovers between devotion and class sophistication.

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